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Avenged sevenfold the stage full album lyrics video Nov 13, 2015 . [Chorus: Justin Bieber (Travis Scott)] It don't make sense, no. It don't make no sense 'Less I'm doing it with you 'Less I'm doing it with you baby Justin Bieber ft Travis Scott- No Sense on Scratch by Alexis-jumpman. Watch No Sense (PURPOSE : The Movement) by Justin Bieber online at vevo. com. Discover the latest music videos by Justin Bieber on Vevo.. Justin Bieber ft . Travis Scott. No Sense (PURPOSE : The Movement) (Official Video). (NO ATTACHMENTS) to . No Sense (feat. Travis Scott). Artist: Justin Bieber. 4.28 MB · No Sense (feat. Travis Scott). Artist: Justin Bieber. 10.57 MB  .

Sunday, September 03, 2017

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