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2018 social security projected increase

A1, Starting December 2018, reduce the annual COLA by 1 percentage point.. We estimate this new computation will increase the annual COLA by about 0.2 by estimated CPI-U for 2019), use the chain-weighted version of the Consumer . Aug 21, 2017 . Last month, the Social Security Board of Trustees projected the largest benefit increase in six years -- but retirees shouldn't count those .

Garibaldi Lake, British Columbia

Garibaldi Lake, British ColumbiaJul 14, 2017 . Millions of Americans who rely on Social Security are projected to receive their biggest payment increase in years this January. Jul 13, 2017 . Social Security beneficiaries are projected to receive a 2.2% cost-of-living increase next year, the most since 2011, the trustees who oversee .

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